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Roger (II) Bertram

3rd Baron of Mitford

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The Following Email was received 1/30/2002



On the above mentioned page you state that you are encouraging your members to research a number of Baron's whom Charles H. Browning listed as being in arms against King John (in addition to the 25 Baron's who acted as Surety Barons). I have information for you on one of those Barons.


I am the current holder of the feudal Baron of Mitford, and my ancestor was Roger (II) Bertram, 3rd Baron of Mitford, who is listed on your page and who, to the best of my knowledge, was at Runnymede.


King John's troops later attached the Barony of Mitford burning down the Castle and the Church (including many of the villagers who had taken

shelter) in the Church. The Church bell used to sound the alarm still exists and hangs just inside the door of the current St. Mary Magdalene Church (it is believed to be one of the oldest bells in England).


Roger (II)'s son William (later to be 4th Baron of Mitford) married (about

1199) Alicia de Umfraville, sister of Richard de Umfraville, (Lord of Redesdale and Prudhoe, who is also on your list) and of Margery (Margaret) de Umfreville (who was married to William de Albini, one of the Surety Barons).


The 5th Baron (Roger Bertram III, son of William) was one of the barons who opposed King Henry III and supported Simon de Montford, he was summoned by writ to the 1265 Parliament, and his son Roger IV was summoned to Parliament's of Edward Longshanks.


More information can be found on the web pages for the Barony of Mitford:




Mark, Lord Mitford.


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