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William Clopton

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This page is for the immigrant William Clopton.

We are providing a listing of the Surety Baron ancestors of William Clopton. By clicking on the Surety Baron's name, you will be linked to the page of the Baron.

List of Surety Baron Ancestors:

    WILLIAM D'ALBINI: Lord of Belvoir Castle
    ROGER BIGOD: Earl of Norfolk
    HUGH BIGOD: The Earl of Norfolk's heir
    RICHARD DE CLARE: Earl of Hertford
    GILBERT DE CLARE: The Earl of Hertford's heir
    JOHN FITZROBERT: Lord of Warkworth Castle, Northumberland
    JOHN DE LACIE: Lord of Halton Castle, Cheshire
    SAIRE DE QUINCEY: Earl of Winchester
    ROBERT DE ROOS: Lord of Hamlake Castle, Yorkshire

As explained on the Immigrant Index Page, we are hoping that additional information will be developed by the members and friends of the Old World Hereditary Societies.


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